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Phosphor powders are used for different applications such as in printing inks or dispersed in plastics to avoid the activities of counterfeiters.

Aside from the obvious applications, there are also many other fields in which the phosphor powders play an important role, these includes the neon industy, currency printing, admission tickets, validation certificates, cheques, passports and credit cards.

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Phosphor Products VOF offers inorganic phosphors in more than twenty colors with short wave length (254 nm) UV at a fair price. In general, the phosphors with a long wavelength (300-400 nm) are generally available and can be used by forgers. Therefore, a first step to counteract counterfeiting is the use of phopsphor with a short wavelength.

The stable Anti-Stokes phosphors are not commonly obtainable, because these phosphors are difficult to manufacture. This makes the product a good candidate for various security applications, such as currency printing, driving licenses and Passports.

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  • Coating of neon tubes

  • Security applications

  • Currency printing

  • Certificates of authenticity

  • Passports & ID-Cards

  • Driving licence

  • Admission tickets for events

  • Cheques


  • High quality at a fair price.

  • Wide range of colours available

  • Phosphors with UV – Emission

  • Inorganic phosphors for anti-counterfeiting and tagging applications

  • Delivery from stock

  • Available in small quantities 50, 100, 250 grams up to kilos

  • Shipping worldwide

Ultra violet credit card phosphor products

Ultra Violet bank note security

Bank Notes Phosphor powder